Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 12 Tobermory, Mull to Mallaig

Wow! Today has taken us through the most amazing scenery while also taking us over many hills which are a slog up and exhilerating down! After crossing from Mull to the Ardnamurchan peninsula on the mainland, we added an extra 12 miles to visit the most westerly point on British mainland.
Then off to Mallaig- another 52 miles. The photos do not do full justice to the beauty and magnificence of western Scotland.

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  1. A harmonious relationship between Pilot (at the front of the tandem) and the Stoker (in the rear) is crucial to successful tandem riding. Below are some of the things we learned not to do on the road:

    Pilot – Do not spit.
    Stoker – Do not tell the Pilot right at the beginning of a 4,500 mile cycle tour that your mother will never forgive him/her if you have an accident. Wait until the tour is over to share this information.
    Pilot – Do not question the Stoker’s pedaling efforts.
    Stoker – Do not be a backseat driver.
    Pilot – Communicate – do not expect the Stoker to be a mind reader.
    Stoker – Do not lean.
    Pilot – Do not walk away from the tandem and assume that the stoker is holding it upright.
    Stoker – Do not suddenly stop pedaling.