Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bike Update

We have been on holiday down in Devon and Dorset doing some 'light training' before the big event.  We have two tandems and brought our Mercian which fits in the motorhome garage with its front wheel off.  I have recently done quite a bit of maintenance on the bike and thought all would be OK for LeJog; but it caught me out.  The left hand gear / brake lever has stopped pulling gear cable so we are stuck on the 'granny' ring, OK for the hils here but no good for the level or down hill.

A few months ago we decided to splash out on a custom built bike from J D Tandems of Gargrave, today we heard that it will be ready for collection on Monday 5th August; how's that for cutting it fine for the ride?  John and Ruth have been brilliant getting the new bike through production in super quick time and even opening an extra day for us to collect and fine tune anything that needs it before the off.  Our first outing will be riding it the 40 miles home from the shop.

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