Thursday, 25 July 2013

Devon and Dorset training week

It is now less than three weeks to our great LeJog adventure so we off to do some training, starting near Exmouth. We then move on to Sidmouth and Lyme Regis. What a beautiful part of the world to be cycling in!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Carole's first post


This is my first post to a Blog; I should be able to do it as most of the children at school can.  We are getting ever nearer to the start of our adventure, last day in school today.  My cycling kit is ready, there isn't much as I have just one pannier which will be stuffed if the weather stays like this, if the weather breaks I'll be wearing it all.  The journey is split into a southern part, visit home, then northern section.  We have been thinking of this as two holidays, lots of map reading for the first bit less so for the second.

All accomodation booked, we'll see how many live upto what they promised on the internet.

Just a little photo of the Teams 
Hoping it's just a bit warmer than that day.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mobile Posting

Testing an update from my mobile.  We have to rely on mobiles whilst we are on the ride and hope that we have network cover.  I suppose one finger typing will keep the posts short.

The Route

The Route:-
Morchard Bishop
Kinloch Bervie
John O Groats
Just setting up this blog, so bear with me for now I'll improve, hopefully.

I have been talking about riding Land's End to John O Groats for quite a few years now, Carole was getting bored with all the talk and study of routes.  About three years ago I met up with Eric whilst he rode through Lancashire on his own LeJog journey.  Eric stayed with us overnight after I'd ridden from Warrington with him, I rode the next day as far as Carnforth and we said good bye.  I was hooked, so it had to be done.

Last year Sarah asked if she and Andrew could join us on our trip; at that time we didn't know we were actually doing it this year but we started planning in earnest.  My retirement removed the restriction of holidays, both ladies are involved in education so have the 'Summer Off' that just left Andrew to get a three week stretch off work, which he has done.

So here we are all set to go in just under three weeks time.